Request With Ombi

What is Ombi?

  • It's a small server that I'm running that integrates with the Plex server
  • The Ombi app for your phone allows you to request TV shows and movies
  • Receive a push notification on your phone as soon as your request has been added

To use Ombi, you have 2 options to choose from. You can either:

1) Download the Ombi app (Recommended & Easiest)

Android Users: Download the Ombi app from the Play Store

Apple Users: Download the Ombi app from the App Store

PROS: The Ombi app is most convenient.

CONS: There is a 1 time cost of $1 to download it.


2) Download an OpenVPN app

Android Users: Download the OpenVPN for Android app from the Play Store

Apple Users: Download the OpenVPN Connect app from the App Store

The benefit to the OpenVPN route is that you can use this on PCs and other devices, not just Apple/Android devices. It's free and you also can use your web browser to access the Ombi page instead of an app.

PROS: It's free, can be used on all devices including PCs

CONS: It takes more time to set up, not optimized for mobile devices


Once you've downloaded either app, contact me and I will give you the instructions to make connect it to the Plex server.

Video & Screenshots
Ombi Screenshot 1 Ombi Screenshot 1