04/22/18 The plex library now contains 1,500 movies. Movies + TV Shows = over 7,000 things to watch.
03/23/18 Added the Plex To Web extension for my Chrome Browser. Now when I look up movies on IMDb it tells me right there on the website whether or not it's in the Plex library.
03/22/18 I found out today that there is a way to share the Playlists I've created for myself with everyone else on the server. You've always been able to create your own playlists but now you should see about 20 of the ones I've made. They range from genre to actor or director. I'll keep adding/updating over time.
03/15/18 Added Trakt syncing about week ago. Trakt is a free service that lets you log any TV show or movie you watch. It also shows what is trending and it has a nice calendar feature (it lists when all of the shows you watch will air next). If you have a Trakt account and want the Plex server to automatically sync your watch history to it let me know and we can set it up.
03/03/18 There are now over 1,400 movies and 15 pre-rolls.
02/28/18 There were more updates on from January and February but inadvertently overwrote and lost them. Woops.
12/18/17 Over 300 new movies have been added to the Plex server in the last month. I'm running out of ideas of what to add so please make a request.
11/13/17 Added collections to the Plex library. In the Plex app, search in the search bar like you normally would and things like "Marvel" will show up in the results list as a collection. Click it to view a group of movies. More collections will be added in the future for all genres and major directors, actors, etc. but there are 6 so far.
10/29/17 A request system has been added using Ombi. Click the request button above and then search for any TV shows or movies you would like to see added to the Plex server. I will see them and once I add it you will receive an email notification to tell you it's ready. See the help button above for more info on how to use this feature.
10/07/17 A statistics page has been added. View the statistics page to see how this Plex server stacks up against the streaming giants like Netflix and Spotify.
09/09/17 This page is now live. Click watch to view Plex on a computer, tablet, phone, etc. or click help to learn more.